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Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT (Information Technology in Health care )

Information Technology in health care requires focused management and governance to address challenges and risks to data quality and integrity, data integration, confidentiality and security.

With India embarking on an ambitious program of setting up a nationwide Digital Health Platform and Highway to facilitate the deployment of effective digital health across the country spearheaded by the National Digital Health Mission, students perusing health care management courses , IT and informatics alongside academia would get familiarized with a specialty specific Informatics in an integrated digital platform. Students, the future health care service delivery accomplishers would be better adapted to serve in various capacities to reimagine Digital Health care.


Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences is been offering MBA in Health care Management program with the specialization program Healthcare IT as elective subject. This programs is curated with learners centered approach. It provides a blend of knowledge, practical experiences and hands on training program for the students to develop their conceptual, technical and managerial skill sets. The faculties and subject experts are resourced from both industry and academic background for training and development, capacity building the students.

Addressing the need of Information and Data Governance which is crucial and vital to the success and roll out of the national level digital health platform, it will pave the way for trained manpower for Digitizing health care making India - Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Healthcare IT is an elective specialization of the course MBA (Hospital and Healthcare Management) offered by SIHS Pune that makes one an expert on the development, creation, and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry. The main focus of healthcare IT course in Pune is to maintain patient privacy while improving public healthcare at the same time.

With the digitalization of the world, it is easier and more convenient to handle patient information on a digital platform. Here, technical systems are used to manage any health-related information and the exchange of data in a hospital or a healthcare facility. Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences is offering this dynamic elective MBA in healthcare IT that gives students a blend of knowledge, practical experiences and hands-on training. Every batch of students Masters in healthcare IT as professionals with conceptual, technical and managerial skill sets that give their future careers the growth it needs.

Here are some career options for you to pursue after an MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management) with Healthcare IT as your elective:

  • -Health Information Technician
  • -Clinical Analyst
  • -Healthcare Administrator / Medical Manager
  • -Programmer Analyst
  • -Medical Coder

The blend of technology into the healthcare industry helps in preventing medical errors, improves decision making, aids in medical data collection and research and protects patient privacy. Become a part of this exciting field and contribute to the global healthcare sphere.