Diploma Program on COVID-19 Care for Healthcare Professionals

Diploma in
COVID-19 Care

Diploma in Comprehensive COVID-19 Care for Allied and Healthcare Professionals


COVID-19 is rapidly spreading all over the globe. It has created a dearth of healthcare workers especially in the diagnostics, therapeutics & technology space. Beyond doctors and nurses, the allied and other healthcare professionals are equally important as frontline COVID warriors. All providers must be prepared to recognize, stabilize and treat patients with the novel coronavirus infection.

Moreover, the current workforce has inadequate information, instructions & skills in facing the dreaded COVID-19 virus. The diploma program will equip the participants to be prepared to face the pandemic by recognizing the infection & being technologically confident for treating COVID-19 infected patients, thereby creating a knowledgeable and skilled healthcare workforce.


This program intends to rapidly disseminate state-of-the-art COVID-19 related training in the shortest period of time (one month) thereby promoting job prospects of Allied & Healthcare Professionals while pursuing the current education in healthcare. The main objective of the Diploma is to make the participants skilled and equipped in their pre- existing specializations to effectively manage and treat COVID-19 patients.

The program has seven core courses and six specialization specific elective courses. The core courses pertain to general aspects of COVID-19 such as basic biology, epidemiology with understanding of transmission of the virus, mental health, nutrition management and diagnostic & prognostic investigations of COVID-19 infection. The elective courses include technical and patient care in cardiac care, clinical laboratory, imaging sciences, respiratory therapy, renal care and OT & anesthesia.

The expert faculty, eminent clinicians and key opinion leaders will deliver academic sessions with blended asynchronous and synchronous style pedagogy. Experiential practical training will be facilitated by Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre.

On successful completion of the training program, the healthcare professionals will receive a diploma certificate from Symbiosis International University, recognized by all the healthcare institutions and industry.

Sr. No. Name of the subject / course
1 SARS CoV-2 structure, clinical presentation epidemiology
2 Prevention of COVID-19 transmission in healthcare workers & community
3 Skill & Simulation based training for COVID-19 warriors
4 Mental health in COVID-19 care for health care professionals
5 Nutrition Management of COVID-19 Patients
(For Healthcare Professionals)
6 Diagnostic & prognostic investigations in COVID-19
7 Physical wellbeing during COVID-19
(Choose any 1 out of the following 6 courses)
8 Understand the components of COVID-19 testing in the clinical laboratory
9 Imaging modalities for COVID-19 diagnosis & prognosis
10 Advanced Ventilator care in severe respiratory distress in COVID-19 infection.
11 Cardiac monitoring in COVID-19 patients
12 Renal care and renal replacement therapy in COVID-19
13 Anesthesia management and patient care in OT for COVID-19 patients

Students who have completed/pursuing final year of graduate/post graduate programs in Allied & healthcare professional programs including programs in Medical Technology, life sciences, physiotherapy and Nutrition Science etc. OR Students who have completed Diploma in any of the above.


Registration Link: https://forms.gle/f2Lj11UZAt77BPHLA

Program Fees: Rs.10,000/-

Duration of program: One month.

Start date of registration: Tuesday, 01st June 2021

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